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You said “YES!”, now what!?!?

e9b093c751c8aa8bbe883a1d108bf568Congratulations! Your fiancĂ© popped the question, you said YES, and now it’s time to begin the dress shopping journey. We couldn’t be more happy for you, we can’t wait to welcome you to Luxe Bridal!

We know this may be an exciting and emotional time as you figure out exactly what to expect during your wedding planning adventure. You might think binge watching “Say Yes to the Dress” has prepared you, but it normally does not reflect the true dress shopping experience.

Below are five simple rules of etiquette to consider when you begin your dress shopping journey. Remember, this is can be an extremely emotional time for you, as well as your loved ones. We want to help you have the best bridal shopping experience and create positive lasting memories when you find THE DRESS!

1. Make an appointment

Our goal at Luxe Bridal is providing you the highest possible service. In order to provide the best shopping experience for you, scheduling an appointment is a must. It allows your bridal stylist to focus solely on you from start to finish, and find your dream gown. While it may seem like a good idea to simply “pop” into a store to look, this can take away from another bride’s experience.

It is usually required to have an an appointment at many bridal salons if you’re wanting to come in on a Saturday or Sunday. It is the respectful thing to do, both for your shopping experience and for the salon you want to visit, so plan appropriately.

Tip from us: We schedule our appointments in 2 hour time blocks so each bride gets the perfect amount of dedicated time with their bridal stylist. Keep this in mind when scheduling several appointments in one day, give yourself enough travel time and always arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are running late be courteous, and call the salon to let them know. But, understand if you arrive late do not expect the salon to extend your appointment. It isn’t fair to cut into another brides appointment that following yours.

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2. Don’t waste time

There are lots of ways this rule applies to your dress shopping experience, we have broken it down into two sections.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Don’t wait until the last minute, it takes between 6-9 months total from the moment you find THE DRESS to the last alteration so don’t waste your time. As soon as you get engaged, and you have narrowed down an approximate wedding date, start planning. Schedule appointments, TRY ON dresses, looking at magazines or pinterest to get an idea for what you want is a good idea but you won’t know how it looks on you until you have tried the dresses on, and when you find the one- purchase your dress. Waiting too long will limit the selection of gowns to choose from and it will cause additional expenses like rush fees.

Start shopping when you’re serious about buying.

There is nothing more disheartening to a bridal stylist than when a bride comes in and immediately says their here to ” just look, not buy,” especially on a Saturday or Sunday. Do not waste the time of the salon or yours, if you’re not seriously on the hunt to find and purchase the one! If this is the first time you’re trying on, and you just want to get an idea of different silhouettes, book an appointment for a weekday when bridal salons are slower, and be up front with the bridal stylist before you arrive. This will allow them to schedule accordingly, and not take away from another bride who is ready to find THE DRESS.


4. Be 100% honest and keep an open mind.

Your bridal stylist is going to be your best friend in your dress shopping experience, and they want you to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy. They are not there to set you up for failure, but they will encourage you to go outside your comfort zone. So it’s vital for you to be 100% honest with them about what you love or hate but keep an open mind, you won’t know if you like or LOVE a dress until you try it on. The more honest you can be the better your appointment will go and the more likely you are to find the perfect one!

5. Order the correct size, PLEASE.

As a curvy bridal salon we hear lots of brides talk about how they want to tone, lose weight, or adjust their dress size prior to their wedding, and we couldn’t be more supportive or happier. But we will take your measurements before ordering, and recommend a size we know will fit you at that time. IT IS ALWAYS EASIER TO TAKE A DRESS IN THAN IT IS TO LET IT OUT. Almost all gowns can come down at least two sizes, and that can be an overall 6-8 inch difference. There is nothing more defeating than ordering a gown smaller than your measurements then not being able to fit into it when it arrives. Take the advice of the bridal stylist and order the proper size. This will ensure you have a positive experience, and if the gown is too big when it arrives that is a much better feeling, right?!

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