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Preserve my gown? Really?

One day, years after my in-laws wedding, my mother in law went into the garage to take out the trash. My father in law and husband, who was still just a little guy, was working on the car changing the oil and checking fluids.

My mother in law watched her husband wipe up some oil that had spilled on the floor with a shiny white rag. Then she saw it. Her yellowing silk wedding dress was thrown on the workbench in the garage and had been torn into rags for the boys to use on the car. She was horrified. Horrified enough that she still recounts this story every time working in the garage comes up.

It is because of this story that I immediately took my dress to the cleaners and had it beautifully preserved, safe into a box, away from men and their garages.

There are many reasons to have your wedding gown preserved. The biggest being it was probably the most expensive AND important item of clothing you have ever purchased and it should be taken care of. You may want to offer it to your daughter to wear one day or have a baptismal dress made for your future children. You may just want to keep it for yourself for sentimental reasons.

Luxe Bridal has a fool proof and easy way to preserve your gown. Once you decide on your dream dress you have the option to purchase our Memories Preservation Kit. It is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. After the big day, or once you return form that relaxing honeymoon, pack up your dress in the mailing bag provided in your kit. Fill out the form and be sure to include your email address so you can get a conformation once your dress arrives at it’s destination

2. Take the package to the nearest UPS location. The shipping and insurance is already included the purchase price so it’s as simple as dropping it off at the desk.

3. Within 2-4 weeks, you will receive your dress back, packaged in a white display box with a nifty window so you can still see your dress and admire it whenever your feeling sentimental.

The preservation process that is used is eco-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can even include up to 2 accessories if you wish such as a veil or shoes. If you got a little too rowdy on the dance floor and you accidentally put a small tear in your dress or lost a few beads, call for a quote and those repairs can be fixed. All stains will be looked at and taken out.

Even if your wedding was a year ago, harmful mildew and mold can ruin your dress. Oils from your hands can oxidize and yellow your dress. Sweat, wine and food stains can also set in and be harder to remove over time, but with this process your gown will be returned to you in like new condition. Because of the nature of the solvents used your dress will not have that dry-cleaned smell and when the time comes to take it out of the box, it will be as soft and luxurious as the day it arrived at Luxe.

My dress is packed away, safe in my closet away from heat, harsh light and my husband! I’m not sure what its there waiting for. A new life as a gown for my grandchildren someday or beads and lace for my own daughters wedding? I still pull it out on occasion and admire it. I love it just as much now as I did when I picked it out nearly 15 years ago. I remember how I felt in it and how my husbands face looked when he saw me in it for the first time. Who knows, maybe I’ll just take it out and put it on to wear around the house someday while doing laundry but at least I have that option. It is forever safe, preserved and free from the grimy hands of my boys to use as paintball target practice!

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